Piovano in China

A five-years long journey in China, 1900-1905

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mc Rae chinese message!!

Have a cup of tea Mc Rae!

My very best friend is M.H.St.G.M.Mc Rae of the 14 th Sikhs, Mooltan Punjab, India, who I met in Shanhaikwan in the international Club.
He is a very amusing man and now he's learning not italian language but Sicilian. Yes, in his last letter he wrote me "Statuo bono piciotto, A Rivederci". This is a shining example of his British humor!
Mac was in the British Contingent China Expeditionary Force and now he's returned in India but he continued to send me letters and strange messages. I hope one day of going in Britain to visit his country. He plays  polo, speaks to his horse, and he is very smart and clever.
Good boy, good example af a gentleman.

Gordon Hall Tientsin

Vocal Recital of Miss Winifred Currey

Saturday, February 6th, at 9,15 pm at the Gordon Hall of Tientsin will be held a vocal recital of Miss Winifred Currey assisted by local amateurs!
I'have received just now the program of the recital on a very nice pergamene paper with yellow flowers. All the social life of Tientsin will come around Mrs Detring and for her, having Miss Currey for a recital is a great success and for me is the occasion for enjoying a little of society's life!
Well, Winifred is not a great singer, but in Tientsin she is the girl of the day! The program is amusing and the Gordon Hall by night is very... suggestive. I' don't like very much opera and many friend of mine are usual sleeping during this song's performance, but this is the nocturnal life in our Concession.
Mrs Detring, the wife of the most important not Chinese in China, and Madame de Tretiakoff, a Russian lady with a past, have kindly consented to accompany Mr Cockell and Miss Currey in their songs. Highlight of the recital is the Ave Maria by Raff put strategically in the middle of the concert. Then Winifred will close the evening with Chansone de Route by Puget, Songs my mother taught me by Dvorak and dulcis in fundo Pertout by Chaminade.
Well, the winter is cold here in the north of China, but during Mrs Detring's evenings, born Bauer, they served always good whiskey.