Piovano in China

A five-years long journey in China, 1900-1905

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fireworks on the Kunming's lake

Le general Voyron
Commandant en Chef le corps exp-re français
et le Ministre de France
vous prient de vouloir bien honorer de votre
presence la fete venitienne suivie d'une fete de
nuit qu'ils donneront Samedì 11 Mai 1901 a 9 h 1/2
du soir a la Rotonde (Lac Imperial)

The general Emile Voyron with his wife Marie and the Minister of France Stephan Pichon have set up a Venetian Party following a banquet by night on the Rotonde on the Imperial Lake. A Venetian masquerade on the Summer Palace at the end of spring. A party near the water by night in a wonderful park not far from the dusty and frantic Peking, an oasis of calm of which the three quarts are occupied by the artificial lake Kunming. Try to imagine hundreds and hundreds of little paper lanterns that shine in the night, the orchestra in the gazebo, music, dances, cosmopolitan environment, all the pavilions decorated with garlands, flowers and red lanterns and champagne all night long.
Then at midnight we could admire the magnificence of the fireworks on the lake. The dark surface of water will glimmer in its thousand lights and dazling reflexes. A fairyland of lights, a choreographic show of lights and sounds like only the French know how to do.
Yes, this is my hard life in China, today. Well I'll try to enjoy myself and I'll think of you.


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