Piovano in China

A five-years long journey in China, 1900-1905

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nikko, Japan the best place in the world!

Japan is for me a land of wonder! Nikko is a double wonder. It is easily reached in 5 hours from Tokyo by Northen Railway changing cars at Utsunomiya. Mountains, cascades, monumental forest trees, always stood here. Nikko is a delightful resort, lying 2000 feet above the sea. The hotel in which I spent several days is the Kanaya Hotel, situated at the head of the town of Nikko. From my windows I could see the great mountain of Nantai-zan and the beautiful river Daiya-gawa. The cuisine was excellent, the dinning room had a wood ceiling and windows open on the garden. Then there was a big verandah in which you could admire the garden under the rain.The principal short walks from the hotel were the Sacred Bridge, that is always closed to all person except the Imperial family, the Temple of Ieyasu, where visitors should remove their boots at the entrance. Lake Chuenji led at the foot of Nantai-zan, being surrounded on the other sides by low hills covered with trees to their summit. A Japanese proverb says " Don't use the word "Magnificent" till you have seen Nikko". Well like all proverbs is true.


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