Piovano in China

A five-years long journey in China, 1900-1905

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Umberto I King of Italy is dead!

29th July 1900

Beloved brother,
The worse news that an Italian abroad could receive perhaps you’ll have by me.
The terrible news of the murder of the good and beloved our King.
You that probably are one of the last persons who saw him alive! You that talked with him! When he wished to you an happy return at home. That awful news my poor Luigi, that pain like to all us. It’s unbelievable a so terrifying murder. The worse murder of the century like our heartbroken Queen said. Instead it is all true! Painful truth, and all we can do is cry and blame. The demonstrations of pain of all the Italians were immense like the love toward Savoy House and our new King Vittorio Emanuele II. Chieri was not inferior to anyone. May God bless Italy!
Best regards,
Your brother Michele


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